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What is the Gospel?

There is way too much confusion about the Gospel.  If we as Christians are basing our entire lives on the truth of the Gospel, should it not be crystal clear in our minds?  I am embarrassed to tell you one of … Continue reading

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Big News!

Psalm 127, below, has quickly become a favorite Psalm for Melanie and I (Scripture in italics, my comments are in brackets): Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, … Continue reading

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Are You Making the Best Use of Your Time??

I turned 33 this week, and turning the same age that Jesus was when He had completely fulfilled His earthly ministry caused me to pause and think about what I am accomplishing with my life. John Paton was 33 when … Continue reading

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Sermon: Glory, Fear and Grace, Luke 2:8-20

Even though Christmas was 3 months ago, I invite you to listen to this sermon and take a look at God’s glory afresh and how it causes fear and shows God’s grace.  As I studied for this sermon, I was … Continue reading

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Sermon: Surely God Is Good, Psalm 73

How are you doing in the war to believe in God’s goodness even in the midst of trials?  I pray that this is an encouragement to your heart, and another part of your ammunition in the battle to believe God’s … Continue reading

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Christ our Advocate

We are all outraged when a judge is found to be corrupt, when the very ones who are to be upholding justice commit a travesty of justice.  We are also all familiar with the jokes that point fun at corrupt … Continue reading

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Christ Our Only Hope

Where would we be if it were not for Christ?  Certainly not in a right standing with God!  How amazing it is that we can call the perfectly holy, all-powerful, sovereign, and transcendent God “Abba,” Father, because of what our … Continue reading

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