Sermon: Surely God Is Good, Psalm 73

How are you doing in the war to believe in God’s goodness even in the midst of trials?  I pray that this is an encouragement to your heart, and another part of your ammunition in the battle to believe God’s Word, that surely God is good no matter what.  Sermon Preached Dec. 4, 2011 at First Baptist Church, Strathmore, CA before Finals Week as I finished Seminary.


About Tim Counts

I am the Pastor at Northshire Baptist Church in Manchester Center, Vermont. I have been a pastor in New Mexico, Washington state, and Vermont and received my M.Div from The Master's Seminary. I love preaching the gospel to both believers (including myself) and unbelievers, and dreaming of ways to reach my community with the good news of Jesus Christ. I enjoy ethnic food and real Vermont maple syrup (but not together), and spending time with my wonderful wife of 13 years and 3 children ages 9, almost 6, and 4.
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